Community Project Sponsors

Basis for Partnerships
The BEAR Project Board of Directors has very close working relationships with most community organizations that provide related public services to the citizens of Evanston and Uinta County.

City of Evanston
The City of Evanston, who owns the BEAR Project property and assists in funding project development, has an ongoing memorandum of understanding with the BEAR Project board to plan and develop the project and provide extensive staff assistance from the city's Planning and Community Development Department in cooperation with the Evanston Parks and Recreation District.

Evanston Parks and Recreation Department
The Evanston Parks and Recreation Department/District:
  • Organizes and directs year-round outdoor recreation activities/programs at the BEAR Project
  • Plans and coordinates construction projects
  • Provides staff assistance to the board
  • Provides year-round operation, maintenance, and administration of BEAR Project facilities
Bear River State Park
The Bear River State Park trail system links with the BEAR Project main trail. The state park superintendent serves on the BEAR Project Board and helps plan, schedule, and coordinate projects, outdoor community events, and other related issues between both agencies

Additional Partnerships

The BEAR Project board also works closely with the Urban Renewal Agency, the Uinta County Museum board, the Bear River Outdoor Recreational Alliance , and Trout Unlimited to coordinate planning, interpretative, historical, and educational issues that are common to each agency.