Master Plan Vision

Phasing Recommendations
Phasing recommendations submitted by the BEAR Project include the following components.
Component 1: River Rehabilitation

Component 2: Entry Road & Utilities
  • Entry greenway from Bear River Drive to the Sixth Street viaduct
  • Red underpass with yellow Chinese characters
  • Sidewalk improvements and street tree plantings along Bear River Drive
  • Western portion of meander planting
Component 3: Ice House Complex
  • Canopy and loading platform
  • Interpretive center
  • Outline of former warehouses and tram
  • Railroad siding and restored Pacific Fruit Express cars
Component 4: Community Center Area
  • Bear Beach
  • Fishing pier
  • Gauging station
  • Meander planting
  • Pedestrian trails
Component 5: Wetland Trails & Interpretation
  • Bird blind and interpretation
  • Loop trail and boardwalk
  • Meander planting
  • Observation tower and interpretation
Component 6: Slough and River Walk Component 7: State Park Environmental Education Center
  • Education and interpretive center
  • Site interpretation and trails
Component 8: The Meadows
  • A multi-purpose meadow that can accommodate soccer and other field sports
  • Structures and facilities including a picnic shelter, restrooms, concessions, and portable bleachers
  • Two little-league fields