City Parks

The City of Evanston has fourteen (14) parks covering over fifty (50) acres of land, including developed and undeveloped areas. The parks have features like picnic shelters, picnic tables, or playgrounds.
Recreation Areas
There are multiple recreation areas for the public to enjoy. For more information about the BEAR Center and Pavilion, the BEAR Tales Fire Circle, the BEAR Paw Trail Head, or the Ice Ponds, please follow the link to the Bear River Greenway page. It will direct you to the Bear River Greenway website and should have the information you are looking for. 

Sports Fields and Areas
The sports fields and areas are utilized by Evanston's schools, clubs, the recreation center, and the general public. Please be considerate of others using these areas as some public space is reservable.  

The Parks Department manages and maintains the city's parks, recreation areas, and sports areas. For questions or concerns regarding the maintenance or safety of these areas, please call 307-789-2519.

Parks Map and Description