Visibility Triangle

What is the Visibility Triangle?

Simply put, the Visibility Triangle is a space on your corner lot property where you may not plant or have trees or bushes that exceed a specific growing height in order to keep the driving and walking visibility around corners clear, open, and safe. All intersections should have clear and unobstructed visibility in all directions.

If you live on a corner lot that has tall plants or trees with low hanging branches within the Visibility Triangle, you may be approached by someone on the Tree Board or you may be sent a letter in the mail asking you to trim your plants for public safety and to clear the visibility of the intersection. Please make every effort to comply in order for your intersection to be as safe as possible.

If you receive a letter about the Visibility Triangle and you do not understand or agree, please feel free to call us at 307-789-2519 and we will do our best to explain in further detail, or we can send someone to your house to look at your plants. 

Please see the diagram below with City Code Section 24-23 regarding sight distance and the Visibility Triangle.

Visibility Triangle Code and Diagram