Community Recreation Organizations

Organization Contact  Phone #Amwe
American Legion Baseball
Jason Lloyd
AYSO Soccer Sheila McGuire 307-677-0122

The Evanston Youth Club For Boys and Girls Holly Slade 307-444-2582(CLUB)
BRORA Paco Swauger 307-679-6323
Evanston Cycling Club  
Evanston Special Olympics Evanston High School 307-789-0757
Evanston Youth Baseball
Daryl Fisher
Ryan Richins
Purple Sage Golf Course Scott Ehlers 307-789-2383
RDAT/USA Swimming  Brandon Lamb 307-677-1064
USA Wrestling Club Larry Wagstaff 307-789-7571
Evanston Elite Wrestling CLub Chrystal Sims 307-679-8966
Women's Volleyball Jill Adams 307-789-1770
Youth Baseball/ Softball Jill Adams 307-789-1770
Youth Football/ Basketball/ Volleyball Jill Adams 307-789-1770
If you have a recreational group or club that you would like listed in our brochure and website, please call the Rec Center.