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The Evanston City Cemetery is owned and administered by the City of Evanston and managed by the Evanston Parks and Recreation District. Visitors are welcome on the cemetery grounds during regular business hours, sunrise to sunset.


Requirements for Interment & Burials

  • All reservations for requests for interment must be submitted to the City Staff a minimum of 40 hours prior to any scheduled burial services.

  • No interment services will be permitted on Sundays.

  • Additional fees will be charged for interment services held on weekends or holidays observed by the City of Evanston.

  • Vaults are required for all burials, and must be of concrete, fiberglass or metal construction.

  • Cremations may be placed wherever they do not interfere with another burial.

  • One or more may be placed in a space upon authorization by the City.

  • Applications for the purchase of cemetery lots, full payment, or other arrangements for the purchase of burial space must be made at the office of the City with the City Staff, in advance and prior to opening and closing, interment or disinterment.

For additional information regarding the Evanston City Cemetery, please see our Evanston City Cemetery Rules and Regulations Brochure (PDF). For more detailed information, you can also view the full version of the Cemetery Rules and Regulations (PDF).

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