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Scholarship Form Application

The Evanston Recreation Center has partnered with the Wyoming Community Foundation to proved a scholarship program, so all youth of Evanston can participate in programs and activities offered by the Evanston Recreation Center.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be a resident and show proof of residency.

  • Must be youth ages 2 -16 yrs old.

  • Must meet and show proof of financial qualifications.

  • Must have submitted complete application two weeks prior to the start of the program or activity.

Scholarship Criteria

  • Only one scholarship per person per year.

  • Applicants MUST make every effort to attend all classes, practices or games. Those who do not attend will not be eligible for future scholarships.

Application Instructions

  • Scholarships are available on a first come; first serve who meet the criteria. Please note that scholarships are limited.

  • All applications must be submitted two weeks prior to session to be considered for acceptance.

  • Turn in form at the Rec Center or your Local School.

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