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How much do the trees cost?

Homeowners may purchase one (1) tree for $75.00 or $100 depending on size,  to be planted on their property. Businesses may purchase up to three (3) trees for $75 or $100.00 each to be planted on the property of the business. 

Who can apply for a tree?

Residents (one per household) and businesses within the Evanston City Limits may apply for a tree(s). There are no exceptions to this rule as this is a City program through a nationwide organization. Go to this website for more information about the program: 

We want everyone to have an opportunity to purchase a tree. Because there is a limited amount of trees available each year, you cannot purchase a tree each consecutive year; you will be added to a waiting list. For example, if you purchase a tree in the 2020 program, you will need to be on the waiting list for 2021. Once adequate time has passed for new people to apply for a tree, the people on the waiting list will be contacted. Therefore, you can get a tree for the second year in a row. However, if enough people apply, the people on the waiting list may not get a tree. If you got a tree in 2020 and do not get one in 2021, then you can apply for one in 2021 and get a tree without having to be on the waiting list. 

When and how can I apply for a tree?

Tree applications are usually available the first week after the new year and may be turned in until the middle of April. Tree availability is limited and it's first-come, first-serve so be sure to apply early. Check back here for specific dates. Also, follow the Rec Center on Facebook and look for ads in the paper to remind you to apply. 

When the time is right, the application will be available to print here or to pick up in person at the Parks Department, Recreation Center, City Hall, Public Works, or the Uinta County Library. An application is considered complete when payment has also been made.

Applications may not be submitted online; they must be submitted in person or through the mail with payment no later than February 22 in order to receive your 1st choice of tree.

When do the trees come?

The trees will be delivered to the Evanston Parks Department the 2nd and 3rd weeks of June. Trees will be available for pick up at the Evanston Parks Shop, 110 Pasture Drive. The Tree Board will notify the contact person on the application. Please be patient with the Employees and Tree Board during pick up. 

Planting Guidelines

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