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BEAR Project
Welcome to the Bear River Greenway! The mission of the Better Environment and River (BEAR) project is to develop the Bear River as a natural and cultural focal point of the community.

Bear River Greenway Features
Walk, jog, and bike the Greenway's main trail from Bear River Drive to Bear River State Park. The main trail follows the Bear River White Water Park and links Evanston's historic downtown with the ice ponds, nature trails, "Bear Tales" Fire Circle, live elk and buffalo exhibits at Bear River State Park, and the travel information center east of Evanston.

The Bear River offers excellent fishing and water activities including kayaking, rafting, and tubing. The Ice Ponds are a unique place for fishing, paddle-boating, and kayaking in the summer and for ice skating in the winter. Bear River State Park, which adjoins the Bear River Greenway, offers ideal areas for picnicking, hiking, bicycling, wildlife viewing, and group activities in the summer. Cross-county skiing, snowshoeing, and sledding are available in the winter. The visitor center is open all year.

BEAR Board Members

President - Alex Moscinski (Evanston Businessman) 

Vice President - Jason Banks

Secretary - Patricia Arnold (Uinta County Public Health, State Public Health Supervisor)

Treasurer - Pam Bright

Member - Kim Larson

Member - Lisa Jacketta

Member - Marilee Jackson

Member - Tyfani Sager

Member - Keri Sabey

Member - Natalie Wren

Member - Rocco O'Neil

General Contact Information
For general information about the BEAR Project, please contact the Evanston Parks and Recreation Department / District.


Board Contacts
You can also contact the following at 307-789-1770 for information:

  • Marilee Jackson, Ex Officio 

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