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Arbor Day In Evanston, WY
Arbor Day has been celebrated in Evanston since 1984 and earlier, but we do not have any official records of what took place those years. Our records begin in 1985.

Traditionally, the Arbor Day celebration rotates to different City Parks or Schools. Most years, school aged youth are involved with planting trees, but some years many others in the community are involved with planting or receiving trees. 


Why Do We Celebrate Arbor Day?
Arbor Day is a National Holiday celebrated on the last Friday in April. It was created to recognize the importance of trees, and it is most commonly celebrated by planting trees with groups of people. Other ways to celebrate could be going on a hike and looking for trees, reading about trees in your area, learning about proper care of trees, or planting your own tree in your yard. 


Tree City USA
While Evanston began celebrating Arbor Day previous to 1984, the year 2000 was the first year that Evanston was a part of Tree City USA. Celebrating Arbor Day is one of the four core standards and requirements in order to continue our Tree City USA status. 

Can I Be Involved?

Arbor Day celebrations are open for the public to attend and volunteer. Look back here for specific dates, times, and locations for this year's celebration. If you plan on volunteering with us this year, please call the Parks Department at 307-789-2519 so we know how many people to expect. 

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